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Comprehensive Services

Frasco® Profiles offers employment background screening, drug testing, fitness for duty, physicals exams, E-Verify services, and assessment testing to organizations nationwide.

Compliance, Service, Speed, and Technology - Frasco is laser-focused on ensuring that the information we provide to you is 100% legally compliant and easy to use.

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Customized Solutions

Whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees, in one location or several, Frasco Profiles has a solution for you. With legal expertise in healthcare, transportation, financial services, insurance and additional industries, we provide all the support necessary for you to comply with industry specific regulations; and we integrate with leading ATS and HRIS providers for seamless automation with your talent management solution.

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How We're Different

Our customizable and robust technology platform offers all the features you need to reduce your internal labor, delivering a fast, efficient and low cost employment screening program. Frasco Profiles is also entirely U.S. based. We don't send work overseas for processing, and when you call, our experienced Account Representatives are articulate, knowledgeable and responsive.

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